Bionity - analytics company in the field of biotechnology and Life Sciences

Our principles

We provide analytics reports and tools, totally focused on Life Sciences, that help us to create more specific products, we use scientific principles as the basis of our reports, modern Data Science instruments to make effective decisions by analyzing a large amount of data, from research to investment processes.

Comlex research of Life Scinces industry, using the latest Data Sciences technology
Strong scientific background of our products

Data Sciences Tools

We are developing a business intelligence platform for research and development companies, which will help to make clear decisions, focusing on the processing of big data, our tools, and methodological solutions will allow us to see trends in development, research, identify current needs and technologies that can solve them.


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We are creating a new format of analytics reports which propose a great value. Reports combine a deep analysis of markets and companies from economical and science view which helps to estimate them from different sides. It becomes possible due to our methodology which contains fine metrics with no ''waste'' information.

Life Science industry in Ukraine

Bionity is the author of the first analytics report for businesses and investors on the development of the Life Sciences industry in Ukraine. In this work you can get acquainted with detailed and deep analysis of economic, technological and regulatory conditions; find profiles and contact information of 75 companies, 15 hubs, 14 investors, 45 conferences, 30 academic institutions and 50 personalities involved in the industry;

The Team

Ihor Stepanov

Co-founder & CEO

Maxim Nikolaenko

Chief Operating Officer

Ihor Kenduikhov

Chief Financial Officer

Dmytro Lepnin

Co-founder & CBDO

Our partner


Beginning from the inception of the Foundation has created and sustained numerous strategic programs and projects, having secured funding of about $50 million. Through its Biotech Initiative, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation believes in unleashing the full potential of scientists in Ukraine to empower them in fighting global diseases, feeding the world’s growing population, and protecting our planet.

Association Spacetime

The organization creates for members possibilities of intellectual self-realization and development, free information and consulting support, a circle of friends, and professional contacts around the world, preferences for participation in the projects of the Association.


NDI-Foundation - is non-governmental organization, which aims to develop knowledge of new technologies and support Ukraine's transition to a technological economy. The Foundation provides the infrastructure for the development of technological entrepreneurship, innovative companies, research in key areas of the economy and attracts talented young people to actively participate in these processes.

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