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Bionity offers to join the unique partnership program of complex analytical research Biomedicine and Digital Health Care markets in Eastern Europe. It is one of the first research in this field in this geographical area. And our format of relationship gives you a lot of opportunities.

The latest reports

Life Sciences industry in Ukraine

The first analytical report for businesses and investors on the development of the Life Sciences industry in Ukraine. In this work you can get acquainted with detailed and deep analysis of economic, technological and regulatory conditions; find profiles and contact information of 75 companies, 15 hubs, 14 investors, 45 conferences, 30 academic institutions and 50 personalities involved in the industry;

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R&D issues

  • Effectiveness and timeliness of R&D in Life Sciences;

These graphics demonstrate the decline in R&D returns among biopharmaceuticals companies. In general, it means, that for biopharmaceuticals companies become harder recoup their investment in R&D. A natural decrease in targets for development leads decreasing in demand for products and leads to a complication of the development process itself, and this in turn leads to a more expensive process and a decrease in demand. Besides, tightening regulation in the direction of personalized medicine forces companies to select more specific targets and active substances.

  • Processing high amount of data and making useful conclusions;

The development of information convert technologies and technologies, in general, have enabled scientists to generate and collect more information. But these effects problems with the store, safe, support and manage data. In this huge flow of information lost earlier data, which can be very important for research. In some cases, the processing of data is more expensive than other parts of research. Besides, increasing the workload of scientists may lower the quality of research. It potentially decreases the level of trust in researches.

Business issues

  • Complex estimation of company for effectiveness venture investments;

It is a well-known fact that only a small part of new bird companies and startups succeed. Investors who invest money in them and hoping to grow unicorns, very rarely hit the target. They are forced to hide their losses of a dozen unsuccessful investments by little ones that achieve success. The root of the problem is that investors often do not fully verify the dozens of proposals coming every day and even if they do it, they are limited by only one plane of view, most often financial.

  • Availability of complex analytical research of Life Sciences industries;

R&D companies, startups, scaleups have one important feature. Their success greatly depends on the technology the company use. Only focusing on financial marks from time to time leads to big failures, remember Theranos. In general meter, only one plane view leads to stable losses and deviations from the desired result. The main cause of such results is the absence of a multiview analysis of companies, which must consider such important aspects as science (technology), legacy, and even social aspects.

Our methodology

Our methodology is called upon to describe a general overview of the market, analyzing each market segment separately and description top companies and startups in percent correlation to companies distribution on segments. The basic principle of our methodology is the definition and estimation of all essential factors which influence the market in general and each company by itself. The main factors we are examining - science and technology factors which in great manner influence on potential of a company, legacy factors which make it possible to implement them and of course financial ones which provide resources for product realization. We need to say that in the overview of the market we pay great attention to political and social aspects which undeniably have a great impact on market development.

Principles of methodology

Completely focused on Life Sciences industries

Complex analysis of market, including scientific financial and legacy aspects

We have been developed objective metrics, which we use in our researches

Using own wide scale classification of technologies according to it is applied

Strong statistical background of our researches

Using Data Sciences approaches for analyzing and processing information

Sources and analysis tools

Investment attractive metrics

Structure of conclusion of the report

Future prospects

If you want to learn in more detail with our metrics, download and look at our presentation

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