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Industry of Life Sciences in Ukraine

This is the first analytical report for businesses and investors on the development of the Life Sciences industry in Ukraine. Here you can:

  • get acquainted with detailed and deep analysis of economic, technological and regulatory conditions of existence in Ukrainian biotechnology industry;
  • find profiles and contact information of 75 companies, 15 hubs, 14 investors, 45 conferences, 30 academic institutions and 50 personalities involved in the industry;
  • find out about forecasts development of Ukrainian Life Sciences industry in different circumstances;
  • get recommendations for developing your own business.


Structural transformations of the global economy, due to the development of exponential technologies and especially biotechnology, will have a significant impact on the economic prospects and conditions of individual countries. The new stage of the industrial revolution will allow the economies of the periphery to get a chance to get to the club of developed countries. Technologies such as artificial intelligence in medicine and pharmacology, personalized medicine, genetic engineering, neurotechnology are already becoming factors of macroeconomic success and risk. Their role will be further enhanced coupled with an aging population, the stagnation of many traditional approaches to R&D. There are some prerequisites in Ukraine that can be converted into the rapid economic development of the Life Sciences industry with entrepreneurial activity, clear political position and will, increasing investment attractiveness and development of national science. First of all, the following factors are:

The main risks that may interfere with the implementation of this process are:

Structurally, almost all sub-sectors of the Life Sciences industry are already present in Ukraine at least in their infancy. The flagship of the Life sciences industry in Ukraine is the pharmaceutical industry, which makes up most of this market. The agricultural industry has a significant role in the development of the Life Sciences. Healthcare and Biotech services bring a slightly smaller contribution. Foodtech and Engineering are less than 5%. It is worth noting that the overwhelming number of enterprises are concentrated in Kyiv. The second and third places are occupied by Kyiv region and Kharkiv region respectively. Most companies use technologies of bio-organic chemistry and bio-organic synthesis. The environmental sector, especially bioenergy, has great potential for development. Cellular and reproductive technologies are the innovative areas of rapid growth. The progression of Digital healthcare is predicted. In general, investors see Ukraine as a potential center for biotech production, but mostly as a hub for outsourcing. Successful companies are likely to be required to move their headquarters to EU countries, including Poland and the Baltic states. If the nation makes an effort and entrepreneurs are active enough, the country will be able to move to a full-fledged business “at home”. This will decide in the future whether Ukraine will become an Eastern European biotech hub.

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